Graduation Ceremony

Download Application form

Students who have completed all course requirements are eligible to graduate and have their degree awarded at a conferring ceremony or In Absentia.

Please follow the following instructions for both In Absentia and ceremony options:

1. Pick up the graduation application form from student services at IIBIT or download [here].

2. Complete the form carefully. Please only choose one of the options: If you would like to attend the graduation ceremony complete Section B only, or if you are not able to attend, please complete Section A only. (In absentia option is for students who cannot go to Ballarat to attend the ceremony personally. If you complete the “In Absentia” section of the application form because you cannot attend the ceremony, your Degree Certificate will be posted to the address supplied by you on the application form.)

3. Arrange the payment. You have four methods of payment and can choose whichever is the most convenient:

  • Money order from post offices (Please attach to your application form),
  • Personal cheque (Please attach to your application form),
  • Bank cheque (Please attach to your application form) or
  • Credit card (Please fill credit card section the application form).

4. Post the application form to the Graduation Office at the Federation University Australia (If you prefer, you can pick up a pre-addressed and stamped envelope from Student Services).

Graduations Office
Federation University Australia
PO Box 663


Important Note:

Please note that it takes around 3 days for the mail to reach Ballarat. Therefore please do not forget to post your application form a minimum of 3 days before the application closing date. If your application form does not reach Ballarat on time, they may not be able to accommodate you at Graduation.

Students who apply to Graduate and subsequently fail one of their units, will have their money refunded.

The contact details for the Graduation Office is as follows:

Tel: 03 5327 9503
Fax: 03 5327 9704
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further infromation regarding Graduation Ceremony, please visit the FedUni Graduations website.